COMING SOON! RD19 - The Art of War and Virtual Negotiation (Lee Rush, Sherwin-Williams)

The Art of War and Virtual Negotiation

Lee Rush, Sherwin-Williams

In this era of change, it is evident that virtual negotiation skills are a major part of organizational transformation and your business success. Since the implementation of desk reviews, desk audits, virtual re-inspections, it has become necessary to improve our virtual negotiation capabilities and re-invent our estimatics processes to sustain/accelerate our growth.

Negotiation research studies have shown that information exchanged over electronic media such as email, is less likely to be true, less likely to be relevant and clear, and therefore less informative and useful than similar information exchanged face to face.

We may think that technology can fix everything, but while it can facilitate some activities, it can equally add complications that must be managed carefully for virtual negotiations to be successful.

Topics Covered

- Minimize conflict and deadlocks

- Anticipate and handle objections & manipulation

- Approach concessions from a position of strength

- Special tactics to negotiate effectively by phone

- Writing and anchoring powerful negotiations via email

- Email do’s and don’ts

This workshop is designed for collision facility owners, managers, estimators, and customer service representatives.

“The Art of War and Virtual Negotiation” workshop will increase your arsenal of strategies and tactics to help you better negotiate virtually. Even if you’ve been negotiating for years, you will learn new strategies you can use in your next virtual negotiation and you will identify the critical components of effective negotiations to use in your customer and insurance interactions.

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