COMING SOON! RD9 - How to staff a 21st Century Collision Center (Michael Lanza, Sherwin-Williams)

How to staff a 21st Century Collision Center

Michael Lanza, Sherwin-Williams

The age of traditional management of employees is dead! The reasons are clear: People don’t want to be managed into following the same pattern's or acting under the premise of doing things the same way they’ve always done with repeated outcomes that often don't deliver fulfilment or success. Instead, employees need to know and believe their ideas are being heard and implemented in ways that makes a tangible difference towards the larger goal. To get there, collision centers don't need a hierarchy of permissions, they need to build leaders who commit to live & breath the brand and it's values. Employees need to "drink the Kool-Aid."

The status quo model used a top-down approach to drive efficiency through a controlled regiment, a model built on a centralized leadership style. While there are advantages to that style, it can also have an adverse effect. Leaving the decision-making process to one person, can adversely effect customer satisfaction and employees who are unfulfilled.

In the session, we will review and compare new management models, surpassing the older traditional models.

Effective leadership & direction is critical, as we live in an industry of constant change and high variability that requires everyone to be a leader and shoulder a great deal of responsibility. For a collision center to survive, everyone needs to act and move as one -- at every level.

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