COMING SOON! RD10 - How to Survive an OSHA Visit & Avoiding Common Accidents (Nick Hardesty, KPA)

How to Survive an OSHA Visit & Avoiding Common Accidents

Nick Hardesty, KPA

They’re rampant, they hide in plain sight, and they have potentially dire consequences for your people and your bottom line. Is your organization doing enough to avoid the most common Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) citations? How do you think your company would fare if an OSHA inspector showed up tomorrow?

From OSHA penalties to workers compensation claims to legal, operational, and reputational costs, businesses pay a significant toll.

During this session learn how to avoid becoming another OSHA statistic as KPA dives into:

-OSHA’s national emphasis programs

-What triggers OSHA inspections

-What to expect when OSHA shows up and how to respond. From the opening conference, walkaround, employee interviews, records review, closing conference and post inspection.

- Penalty policy and expectations

- Best practices to remain in compliance

- A checklist of actions you can take to improve compliance and minimize workplace losses

- How to prepare for questions surrounding your COVID and post pandemic protocols

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