COMING SOON! RD16 - Severing or Surviving the Loss of a DRP or Key Account (Tim Ronak, AkzoNobel)

Severing or Surviving the Loss of a DRP or Key Account

Tim Ronak, AkzoNobel

COVID-19 came out of nowhere and was a difficult obstacle for many repairers. It resulted in a myriad of collision industry disruptions with many partners changing their 'go to market' business strategies. This strategy shift led many collision facility owners to rethink the permanence of their current business relationships. Some repairers chose to sever relationships while others were involuntarily 'deselected' from long-term established relationships. Whether a change is by choice or by edict, repairers need to evaluate and, in some cases, prepare for sudden changes in their market business strategy.

This session will be focused on evaluating the effect of two types of change:

1) Voluntarily choosing to sever a direct repair or key account business relationship

- Calculate the current value of that relationship

- Calculate the 'What if' scenarios (Best Case, Worst Case, Most Likely Case)

- Pros and Cons

2) Involuntarily losing a DRP or Key account

- What is the real COST

- Tactical Plan

- Strategic Plan

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