COMING SOON! RD13 - Turning QC Data into Process Improvement Gold! (Scott Wheeler, Axalta)

Turning QC Data into Process Improvement Gold!

Scott Wheeler, Axalta

There are currently a number of really solid Quality Control products available to collision repairers, and this session will instead focus on the quality assurance process. We will share slides to explain the process to your staff upon your return, as well as a multi-department quality assurance tracking log, provided to all attendees. We will show how to gather data with some real-life examples.

We will discuss the value of “immediate root cause analysis” and when a “game-day process improvement” (point kaizen) is encouraged. We will then perform a mock meeting to demonstrate using real-life scenarios.

Then we will discuss how to analyze the data, conduct a mock formal kaizen meeting, in which we will update per department QC checklists, work standards, and quality standards to standardize the refined process to sustain it long term.

The true value of lean is using data to eliminate waste and errors. This will be fun!

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