OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit, Session II: Vehicle Research & Trends – Data Acceleration

Ryan McMahon, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Vice President of Insurance and Government Affairs

This session will provide insights into the driver behavior and loss analysis telematics provides. McMahon will review the many use cases different industries have to leverage telematics data collected from connected vehicles, smartphones, and IoT devices.

For example, telematics provides visibility into crash severity by identifying the vehicle’s change in velocity. This information can benefit collision repair facilities in many ways, such as resolving repair disputes, and automatically identifying a total loss — even before ever leaving the scene of the accident.

Mobile telematics didn’t exist a decade ago. It has seen explosive growth across many industries over the past few years. Analysts forecast it will be a $125 billion industry by 2026. The data is evolving, and industry segments can better study and leverage the predictive power of speed, braking, cornering, and other driving behaviors both on their own and in the context of other factors. Consumers, regulators, and government officials also continue to adjust their views on privacy.

In this session, McMahon will outline the moving scope of insight gleaned from telematics – the trends, the habits, the research, and the use cases – and give the collision industry a look into what is being utilized today and at what the future might hold. Show Planner